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About Sprout State University About Sprout State University

Our Staff

Chandler Miller-Winrow
    Professor - Sophmores

Craig Graves
    Professor -Freshman

Miriam Diaz
    Professor - Early Freshman

Danielle and Joseph Winrow
    Dean of Admissions

Allan Harmon/Tesira Slaughter
    Dance Instructor

Danielle Winrow
    Professor - Graduates/Sophmores/Juniors/Master Specialist

Brian Edge
    Professor of Mathematics/History

Shonda McCallum
    Administrative/Project Coordinator

Megan DellArena
    Professor of Music/Freshman

Shari DellArena
    Student Advisory Professor

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Phone: (609) 8821854


Sprout State University engages children, from infancy to grade level 5, in joyful, meaningful and creative learning through an adventurous, theme-based, experiential curriculum.  Our diverse community works as a partnership, cultivating excellence in academics, character and collaboration, and performing arts, as we prepare our students for a life-long learning service.  We are part of a larger community of educators, dedicated to creating new and vital visions of learning.